Any tutorial for installing "snap" on OpenBSD 5.8?

This is link to it:


sudo install -m 755 snap /usr/local/bin

Here you go.

Author of snap here, you can also clone the repo and do a “make install”!


you let me know how to upgrade from 5.6 to 5.7 using snap? after
downloading all sets its showing me error path to src is not given.

I also tried sysmerge -S -s /tmp/upgrade/etc56.tgz


Releases are a
little bit more tricky. Lots of changes need to be taken into account
(/var/tmp/ removal for example) before upgrading.

For any upgrade (release or -current) the docs should be referenced: for 5.6 to 5.7. for current.

All that said, I don’t typically use snap for upgrading releases, and will probably remove that feature set later on.

sudo in base has been replaced with doas(1), sudo is available as a package.source:

Use doas after configuring it, install sudo from ports or become root before doing the second step.