Carrying the NetBSD flag 8.0

My first try with NetBSD 7.0.2 didn’t go well with iwn0 drivers as you can see here Iwn0 : fatal firmware error

Now first night with NetBSD 8.0 AMD 64didn’t went that well too but that won’t stop me from getting on NetBSD.

Somehow USB installer started once then after restart it hung up as above but will try again with DVD image rather than USB install image.

Installation went well with CD. Wifi driver working properly.
Set up pkgsrc and pkgin.
Sudo is also set up for users.

Getting talloc error while installing XFCE4 … Can start xfce but still getting errors while installing xfce4-extras.

According to this tweet it seems pkgin patch can fix this :

Patch :

Okay solution is to use pkgin-0.11.4 or newer
Thanks to leot from IRC

cd pkgsrc/pkgtools/pkgin && cvs up -rHEAD && make replace