Click and Drag openbsd 6.1

hello everyone, I am trying to find the right setting under openbsd 6.1 that supports me holding down the left mouse trackpad button while using another find to drag the window around. I have been looking through however I still am not able to resolve the issue.

Quick edit: Forgot to add that I tried turning on the following options already in my /etc/X11/xorg.conf file

  1. ClickPad
  2. LockedDrags (though this one I was hoping would just allow me to click twice quickly and hold until I click again until I found a solution to the original problem, though it didn’t seem to do what I expected it too)
  3. I also updated the LockedDragTimeout to 1800

I have also searched the misc archives and I could not find anything that would point me to which option I might need to turn on. However I feel like I might be missing the exact terminology.

Hello. So you want to drag window with left clicking on top and move with touchpad?

Basically I am wanting to click a windows with one finger and drag with another finger call on the trackpad on the laptop. IE click and hold with pointer finger and drag with middle finger

Option "TapAndDragGesture" "boolean"

Also I just saw your post on reddit. Can you also check out xorg configurations from live linux you used to achieve desired result?

I was hoping I could but when dropping to a shell and doing an X -configure it didn’t give me crap. Also I didn’t see a /etc/X11/xorg.conf file so I have a feeling it is being dynamically generated or they don’t need it any more.

Ok also just added the following to my xorg.conf file
Option “TapAndDragGesture” “true”

but no change. One thing I find really weird though is that if I click with two fingers at the same time. I can then still hold down with my index and move the window with middle.

Which DE are you using? And what behaviour are you seeing there ?

DE is xfce. However I think I found a work around that seems weird but works. If I click with my middle finger then hold with my index finger it works as I expected where I can drag with one finger while holding down the trackpad button with another finger.

I think it is one of those weird issues where it is easier to show vs. describe. However I am pretty content with the work around.

Once again thanks for all the help.

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