How to set up background image on cwm?


Anyone knows which format “xsetroot -bitmap” takes for colourful background on cwm?

so far .xbm works but its black and white. .png .jpeg .bmp .pnm not working.


According to the xsetroot(1) man page, it uses bitmap(1) format.

xbm produces only black and white while .xpm is showing up as bad file format when trying to set it up as background.

You asked about xsetroot(1) and the file format it used.

You were not asking about other root window management applications. Since that seems to be what you are interested in, try graphics/feh to set the root window backgrounds.

Thanks a lot jggimi :slight_smile:

It looks like you speak with yourself… Anyway my solution is xsetbg aka xloadimage and it’s support png’s!

Thanks @n.sokhin i will check those out.

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