How-to use skype on OpenBSD?

It`s only one problem that keeps me on MS platform… Pleeeeease…

You are out of luck. It might have been possible in i386 at one point, but the linux compat code isn’t likely to work with recent stuff.

Hi ,

I would recommend or also can look into:

Hmmm… No, you dont get my minds. I am dont want some alternatives. I need exactly
Skype. All my family using Skype and i can`t change it…

You can try FreeBSD :

Hmm i could… thanx!

Yeah, tox is great and works natively on OpenBSD!

I have the same problem as you, but with my customers, you can use
firefox or chrome with a switch user agent (change it !openbsd) and you
can connect to

You can’t use video/audio but you can chat with your contacts just fine.

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Thanx but didn’t work for me… Tried with both browsers…