Problem to link openbsd user and xfce login screen

Aaahhhh ok sorry :stuck_out_tongue: i have try to open pkg-readmes with nano :stuck_out_tongue:

This is weird, i have install xfce but this is all the file in pkg-readmes

XFCE, KDE, and GDM have "meta" packages.  If you issue the following command, you will not only install the meta package which contains the missing README, you may also install other packages which together make up the full XFCE integrated desktop, if you have not installed each of them already.

# pkg_add xfce

When i write pkg_add xfce. He only say can’t find xfce

The pkg_add(1) program (in Section 1 of the manpages, "man 1 pkg_add" or "man pkg_add") requires an installation path.  This is configured via the file /etc/pkg.conf (see the pkg.conf(5) man page) or via the PKG_PATH environment variable.  If you have the variable defined, the configuration file is not used.  You need to ensure one of these is configured.

To see if you have the PKG_PATH environment variable defined, issue this shell command: "echo $PKG_PATH" -- and if you have a string defined, it will appear in reply.  If you have an /etc/pkg.conf file, you can see the contents with the shell command "cat /etc/pkg.conf"

A description of both of these is in OpenBSD FAQ15.  See FAQ 15.2.2.

I have my pkg path but he don’t find anything in

If the response from "echo $PKG_PATH" is blank, you do not have the variable defined.  Please see FAQ 15.2.2,  The link is in my last post.