SDDM: What are different in HBSD and Linux?


In Linux I’ve been well experienced in theming SDDM, which is always my favourite login manager from my Linux experience, that’s very small very themable, finally Qt 5 written. This comes as my final step before tasting my HBSD system. :yum:
What are different from setting up the same SDDM on HBSD and on Linux? I already have sddm_enable=true set in my file /etc/rc.conf, in the init “Starting SDDM” is also shown to me. But SDDM itself is not started with following the init. :thinking:


Is dbus enabled ? dbus_enable=“YES” or equivalent to HBSD?


D-bus not set :thinking: Just add this line to /etc/rc.conf???


Yes add it to rc.conf


Added thanks :grin: However still doesn’t work due to the not working graphics drivers at boot. :thinking: My laptop has Intel graphics.


Make sure you install either graphics/drm-stable-kmod or graphics/drm-next-kmod, as, unlike in OpenBSD and NetBSD, Intel/Radeon DRM-KMS drivers for newer GPUs are not included in base system, as it isn’t Xorg either. FreeBSD can have great advantages on desktop compared with the other BSDs (depending on your hardware, your priorities, your goals, preferences and habits), but it’s not tuned or configured at all for desktop usage by default. FreeBSD rather targets servers in medium-to-large businesses as a production OS, which is were its default configuration (including kernel config) is better suited.