Totally off topic


Sorry, I couldn’t resist… I had to buy one and share it with you all…

Isn’t this the beer we all been waiting for?

Please feel free to remove it, if it breaks any rules.


Totally on-topic instead :sunglasses:



nice :joy: :sunglasses:


btw more off topic is i am starting OS108 which is NetBSD based desktop customization. If you are interested in joining let me know. Here is GitHub repo :


Nice project, perhaps proactive NetBSD desktop folks like Yuri Mouton, Ryo Onodera or Benny Siegert wouldn’t mind joining if the project takes off. What about a JWM desktop a la Puppy Linux?

How do you plan to orhanize release cycle and sync with mainstream? Will it be built on top of CURRENT or some formal release? Separate repo or just preconfigured desktop wrapper on clean NetBSD?


Would love if those people join Project :slight_smile:
Current focus is to sync with NetBSD Release we will change according to our Monthly meeting on telegram.
Pre configured desktop on clean NetBSD is what we will start at … Probably Graphical installer next target. You are welcome to join contributor… Let me know if you find it interesting :slight_smile:


I’m honoured, but feel I’d better reject your offer, as I don’t think I’m ready to contribute (wish I were, but reality is this); I’m still at the free-time learner stage; I have some entry-level C knowledge, can do basic sh/awk scripting, I’m a pkgsrc user, but that’s all. Help developing and maintaining a software distribution implies a responsability towards userbase and other devs. Doing this as an amateur can do more harm than good.

Perhaps in future, if the project is still alive :slight_smile:

Meanwhile I can help alpha testing, filling bug reports, submitting some PRs, answer sharing others desktop tutorials (gonna go on hiatus for the moment as I have an exam)