What does your BSD look like? (Screen Shots..)


Wow… Amazing screen :heart_eyes:


Thx Jay!
Looking forward to 2019 :confetti_ball:


@pin has become a pro netbsd-logo embedder; I’m looking forward to seeing a NetBSD -themed Pollock next XD


Had a look at it and I don’t think I’m going to create a full theme based on it. I find it a bit stressful :disappointed_relieved:

Anyway, here are a few Pollock based wallpapers :wink:



It was more of a joke, as I expected the result would look weird…yet you have managed to surpass any expectation :rofl: Great!


Yeah! I knew it was a joke :wink: …so was my reply.
Happy new year :champagne:


I’ve been trying to push the boarders of minimalism here :wink:


I’ve decided to play a bit with the lua code and customize my set-up.
At the same time, I did some “clean-up” and I’m now down to 169 non-base packages and 2.6GB used disk space :open_mouth:

EDIT: Not WIP any longer…
…I’m happy with it now :heart_eyes:

EDIT2: Posted on unixporn as well, https://www.reddit.com/r/unixporn/comments/aetfjz/awesomewm_waving_the_orange_flag_of_minimalism/